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Discover the charm of sustainable luxury with our Transparent Check Sweater, a testament to timeless style and conscious fashion, crafted from exclusive cotton-silk wedding dress remnants.


A Sweater that Tells a Story Each piece of our Transparent Check Sweater carries a narrative, woven from the leftover luxury fabric of wedding dresses. It's not just a garment; it's a piece of a story, making it as unique and personal as the moments tied to its fabric.


  • luxurious
  • lightweight
  • comfort


Marrying the breathable quality of cotton with the sheen of silk, this blend culminates in an airy texture that's a pleasure against the skin. It's a versatile triumph, suitable for both a breezy summer evening or layered during the crisper months.


  • timeless
  • elegant
  • check design


The check pattern is meticulously designed with precision seams that dance across the fabric, creating an elegant transparency that catches the light and the eye. It's a pattern that respects the past while gracefully waltzing into the present.


Casually Sophisticated Details The laid-back finish of casual cuffs, hem, and neckline imbues this sweater with a relaxed charm without losing an ounce of its chic potential. It's as fitting for a day at the office as it is for a weekend retreat.


Flexibility is woven into the very threads of this sweater—wear it loose for a flowing silhouette or tucked into your favorite skirt or trousers for a more defined ensemble. It's a piece that celebrates your individuality and enhances your wardrobe choices.


length: 56cm


Transparent Check Sweater

€ 120,00Price
Color: White
  • Cotton Silk Viscose

    Machine wash using a delicate program and detergent. max. 30ºC Hang to dry from a hanger for easy ironing. Iron on medium to high heat.

    *Taking good care of your clothes will keep them with you for longer. And not unimportant, keeps them looking wonderful;)

    For more info and tips on how to take care of your Aizuri treasures read this blog post.

  • Most of our items are made for order. It can take from 1 up to 4 days to get the product finished and ready for shipping. We will keep you informed along the process.

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