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Effortless Everyday Elegance, Fair-Made in Amsterdam.


Clothes Straight

From Designers Workshop

Designer and dressmaker Hiske ter Veld started her studio-boutique Aizuri in Barcelona, and brought it to her native Amsterdam in 2019.


Driven by the desire to share her creativity and craft and to provide a genuine answer to a destructive fast fashion industry, Hiske decided to go circular and cut up the old (surplus stock fabric) to create something new (fabulous designer clothes).


Aizuri proudly produces limited edition fair-fashion only, made with love.



Did you stop feeling comfortable wearing fast fashion? Are you looking for conscious clothing to fair up your wardrobe and life? 

AIZURI is a dutch design brand and all items are fair-made in the designer's workshop, located in Amsterdam.


With love for good quality materials and craftsmanship, the designs are created for you to effortlessly look elegant while you feel comfortable throughout a busy or relaxing day. 

Ready to embrace a fashion journey that resonates with your values? Dive into Aizuri's collection now, where sustainability meets style. Explore our webshop and redefine your fashion statement.


What we do at AIZURI?

Aizuri proudly produces limited edition fair-fashion in Amsterdam since 2019, made with love.


Free shipping

Most of our items are made for orderFree shipping in the Netherlands.

Handmade with Love

All products are hand made with love for good quality materials and craftsmanship.

Sustainable Fashion

Responsible use of materials.  For the garments  AIZURI works with rest fabric, dead-stock fabric and sustainable materials.

Dutch Design

Designed and made in the Netherlands, Amsterdam.


Fair-Made Designer Couture

Once upon a time, the clothes you love to wear most of all come straight from the designer’s own workshop.

They’re made with love for you, the planet, and everyone living on it.

In fact, they’re crafted with so much care and such good fabrics, you’ll wear each beloved piece of clothing over and over,

for many years to come.

That time is now. Welcome to Aizuri.

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